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Migun Thermal Jade Massage Bed:

Lakeview Massage is proud to offer the Migun Jade Thermal Massage bed. The Migun uses massage heads made of jade. the heads transmit far-infrared light as they move up and down the body. Click here to check out Migun Minnesota's information about the Migun Bed.

Ion Cleanse:

Lakeview Massage is proud to have the Ion cleanse System. It detoxifies the body mor effectively and faster. Provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body toxins. See more about the Ion Cleanse at


Lakeview Massage is proud to have the AromaDome. AromaDome is beckoning and calling humanity to reach within and become one with their breath. This could be the single most important and powerful purpose in one's life. The answer we all seek is in the breath. The AromaDome gives us a whole new way to use and share our amazing Young Living Essential oils. When the oils are contained, there is a much greater opportunity to absorb them which may provide a deeper experience on all levels-emotionally, physically, and spiritually. AromaDome takes us to a new Level. Go to




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